Interviewer: Dr. {{name}} {{surname}}
Interviewee: SCP-1230
Purpose: To establish whether or not SCP-1230 is capable of creating a mental narrative sufficiently consistent to serve as a testing ground for the proposed containment procedures for SCP-3939.

Prelude: Dr. {{surname}} placed a note into SCP-1230 reading "May I discuss something with you?' The following interview log was transcribed by Dr. {{surname}} after waking up the next morning, as best as {{he}} could recall it.

I don't remember falling asleep. The first thing I remember is that I was in some sort of medieval castle basement, sleeping on some straw on the ground. I was dressed in rags, which was shitty, but I distinctly recall a strong sense of destiny, for lack of a better word, urging me to travel somewhere. I don't recall where, and I ignored the sensation.

I immediately began asking around for the Book Keeper. I don't think I was supposed to be allowed into the castle proper, because some farmhand told me I couldn't go up there, but I went up anyway because let's be honest I don't really give a fuck and it turns out the Book Keeper was the castle librarian.

Dr. {{surname}}: Hello, Book Keeper.

Book Keeper: Hello, {{name}}. What was it you wanted to discuss? Or were you just craving adventure?

Dr. {{surname}}: I was actually looking to see whether or not you'd be open to crafting a very specific dream for someone.

Book Keeper: Interesting. I can certainly do that. What did you have in mind?

Dr. {{surname}}: Well, I've got a story about hunting trilobites that I want to inject into an anomalocaris.

Book Keeper: Hm. I've not worked with animals before. Or pre-written stories, for that matter.

Dr. {{surname}}: It's sentient, if that helps.

Book Keeper: That does help.

Book Keeper: Okay, here's what I can do: I can't magically duplicate the story, but I can craft a dream that's very similar to it. Of course, I would also have to be present in the dream as well.

Dr. {{surname}}: That's fine.

Book Keeper: May I see the story?

Dr. {{surname}}: Yeah, uh... I, uh, didn't bring a copy with me... to this dream... but I can recite it.

I spent a few minutes telling the Book Keeper about the story with which to contain SCP-4131.

Book Keeper: That's an awful story. There's no plot, just hunting trilobites.

Dr. {{surname}}: In my defence, it's not a very intelligent anomalocaris.

Book Keeper: Hm. Fair enough, in that case. I think I can help you.

Dr. {{surname}}: Perfect! What do I need to do?

Book Keeper: Just expose the anomalocaris to my book.

Dr. {{surname}}: Alright, I'll get on that. Thanks, Book Keeper.

Book Keeper: Book Keeper was my father's name. Call me Book.

Dr. {{surname}}: No.

Book Keeper: Was there anything else you needed?

Dr. {{surname}}: Yeah, one more thing: why the fuck am I some sort of peasant?

Book Keeper: (laughs) {{name}}, you of all people should know that most of all, you crave the ascent to power. I recommend that you let my story play out tonight. You may enjoy it.

I did let that dream play out, and he was right, it was fucking amazing.