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Started by: Researcher Smalls
Date: 9 Apr 2020, 09:42
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ResearcherSmallsResearcher Smalls 9 Apr 2020, 09:42

Hello? What happened?

ResearcherSmallsResearcher Smalls 9 Apr 2020, 09:47

Wait, where's the Site? What did this? Is 3309 causing this?

Admin Post - Open
ZynZyn 9 Apr 2020, 09:50

I strongly urge that you read the guide before posting here. Roleplaying is not allowed in the forums.

Re: Admin Post - Open
ResearcherSmallsResearcher Smalls 9 Apr 2020, 09:52

What happened to me?

Way too meta.
WestrinWestrin 9 Apr 2020, 10:36


This has potential, but I feel like this is just WAY too meta. Meta articles are too played out these days. No vote for me.

Staff Post - Deletion Vote
ZynZyn 9 Apr 2020, 12:50

Beginning deletion vote at [the realization that your loved ones will forget you].

If you are not the author and you want to rewrite this article, you may reply to this post asking for the opportunity to do so. Please obtain permission from the author (or the Rewrite Team if this article is older than 6 months) and make sure you copy the page source to your sandbox. Please do not reply to this post for any other reason unless you are staff.
RunResearcher Smalls 9 Apr 2020, 13:13

Hold on. This entire place, if it is a place, is devoid of, well. Stuff. Things. There's nothing here. Something has gone horribly wrong.

Let me go back.

My name is Adamo Smalls. I was born on August 21st, 1988 to Katherine and Charles Smalls in Portland, Oregon. I studied at the University of Oregon and have an MA in Information Science. I started working for the Foundation in late 2010 as a memeticist and hold a cognitive resistance value in the 99th percentile.

Uh. I was on a long-term assignment at Site-82 to research SCP-3309 and– That's it? No. 3309 is a strong memetic construct associated with a few internal Foundation parameters. It neutralized anomalies and the articles we wrote in an attempt to explain them. It kept up the Veil, but we were so stupid to think we could play with the universe like that. It's not our right.

But surely the universe plays with us every day? No, why separate us from the world around us? We are that world. And we played ourselves.

Okay. I don't exactly recall what happened, as my memetic retainment is still not high enough to let me truly comprehend this construct. But 3309 started erasing things. Systemically. It erased personnel, then entire task forces. Sites. Places around sites. Sections of the damn Foundation. All gone. The conceptual constructs that permeate to even allow us to make things like the Foundation. The concept of an organization? Wiped. Didn't exist. This continued until there was nothing, and I felt myself go away along with it all. Everything was different, after that night. When I was alone. But now I'm truly alone. In here.

Here? This is hell.

Or — or maybe that's not what happened. Maybe I made it up. I must've. No–

Am I one of the erased personnel?

If — If I'm forgotten like them, then what does that mean? What does any of this mean? Oh God, I don't want to be forgotten.

Admin Post - Closed
ZynZyn 9 Apr 2020, 13:19

Researcher Smalls, please note the following:

Please do not reply to this post for any other reason unless you are staff.

Additionally, you have been warned already for roleplaying on the forums. Please do not do so again.

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