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"Solitude" Author: Jack Ike The story of a little frog with amazing powers, and how he was tortured for their use.
"One Man's Garbage" Author: Jack Ike Trade an endless supply of rubbish for advanced technology? Yes please. Contain a man made of antimatter safely on the moon? Sure. Destroy your entire universe because you couldn't be bothered recycling? Preferably not.
"Barrel of Monkeys" Author: Jack Ike There's something a bit spooky about this patch of land… something's got to be underneath it all. - A Random Day
Author: Jack Ike Only one person is left in the universe, as it reflected back on everything that made the universe this way. - Decibelle
Author: Jack Ike Is this all that there is out here? Just endless copies of home, each more messed up than the previous?
You're looking at it, dummy.
Author: Jack Ike And lo, before me stood a ghost brought about by the nekyia. And I inqured it of its origins, but it would not tell. The price of knowledge was a soul, and my own was paid; and lo, it then spoke, its words birthing horrors to my mind.
Author: Jack Ike A man with a broken mind is sent from his home, ignorant of the reasons and instructed to return later. He wanders through a hostile world, blind to its wonders and prey to its dangers. Driven by the cracks in his mind, he returns home, oblivious to his allies and foes.
"[SLOT UNALLOCATED]" Author: Jack Ike The ladder of security is tough to climb in the Foundation, but the higher you go the more you see and know. But what about the secrets buried beneath the mud down below? How can you learn of them atop a ladder?
Author: Jack Ike The machine whirs on, making its products as instructed by its creation. Nobody moves to stop it - few know it exists. Those who do, won't. Humanity goes on, unknowing of the horrors it birthed.
"A Mirrored Booth" Author: DWR Re-write Co-authors: Sirens & Jack Ike There is so much to do. We are ready to complete our work. We will earn your acknowledgement.
"In Case Of Emergency, Break Glass" Author: Jack Ike Tis a lesson you should heed: Try, try, try again. If at first you don't succeed, Try, try, try again.
Author: Jack Ike In a small room, a man who sometimes exists greets a man who should no longer be. - A Random Day
Author: Jack Ike The Foundation suffers in the invisible, underground world of Hades, far from the light of the heavens, so the world may know peace. But what of Tartarus? What of those who descend further into darkness?
Author: Jack Ike Number stations, conspiracy theories, obsessive fans and a treasure hunt, Oh my!
Author: Jack Ike Christmas, christmas time is here! Time for toys, and time for staying at the top-secret facility run by a shadow organisation. Just to make sure you remember that last part...
Author: Jack Ike History shows that the Foundation never loses. Never.
Author: Jack Ike Learn about the Foundation's lunar facility, situated in the Sea of Showers (Mare Imbrium).
Author: Jack Ike Art isn't just painting and sculptures - music and writing is art too. So where is all the literature-based anart? Why don't we hear about those artists?
"Me, Us, Them, Them" Author: Jack Ike Are you sure you want to know? Once you know, you can't forget, and neither can they.
Author: Jack Ike Effort is counterproductive.
"A Severe Case of Soulnesia" Author: Jack Ike Forged by the dwarves of Norse mythology, Tyrfing was a sword enchanted to never miss, never age, and cut through anything with ease. But it was given a terrible curse; whenever unsheathed, it would always, always, kill someone.
"Just The Way It Is Now" Author: Jack Ike In a postmodern world, is change still possible? Or are we doomed to repeat the actions of ourselves and others?
"A Totleigh unBÄRable existence" Author: Jack Ike is YOU bored at gaming 3imensions? Get NEWER Totleighsoft™ PSYSICS! NEW design with reality, TotleighSoft PSYSICS™ let you GREATER game! Try MORE dimemensions for MUCHER experience. Confines are NONE but MIND! TotleighSoft BECAUSE COMPUTERS!
Author: Jack Ike We’ve got a trained operative, a book head, a brick-headed robot, his pit crew, and we’re being led by a liar.
Author: Jack Ike It sounded like a stampede of cars, thousands of wheels rolling — all at the same time — towards the chamber. A cold chill ran down the Statue's back; it already knew what was coming.
"Containment Chamber #3942" Author: Jack Ike There's something there. At least, something thinks it's there. - Site News (September 2017)
"Silent Honour Ark" Author: Jack Ike You can target 1 Seafaring Ship your opponent controls; attach it to this anomaly as material. When this anomaly is destroyed and sent to the graveyard while it has material; you can return this card from the graveyard. If this anomaly is returned this way, it cannot attack for the rest of this year.
Author: Jack Ike Established in the months following the 1999 John Whyte incident, the Australian Paranormal Drag Racing Association (APDRA, unofficially codenamed 'Snapdragon') is recognised by most P.D.R. Groups of Interest as the progenitor of the parasport [...]
"In One Man’s Honour, A Dossier Of unBÄRable Solitude" Author: Jack Ike D-4566: Subject living, inanimate and deceased.
Author: Jack Ike Hypothesis: As per the results of Test 4, it is expected that consumption of Substance A by a human subject will result in the immediate death of said subject.
"[ACCESS DENIED]" Author: Jack Ike The only file on the CD was a recording of The Year 1812 Solemn Overture by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, which the CD player began playing from the 11:30 mark at maximum volume. Starting time noted to be significant as the iconic cannon fire – which was present in the recording – began 35 seconds later. Manifested in the ceiling space above the bathroom.
"Sandpit" Author: Jack Ike All personnel stationed at Site-26 are to be aware of the location and properties of SCP-4392. Signs reminding staff of SCP-4392 and its properties should be positioned in any hallway featuring an entrance into SCP-4392, with particular emphasis near said entrances.
"The Solution" Author: Jack Ike The Foundation makes machines; therefore, the Foundation made a machine.
"Tindalos Trinity" Author: Jack Ike There's a reason why there's so many conflictions across the database.
Touch my stuff without permission and my foot will evolve into my foot with your arse wrapped around it.
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