The woman woke up from her nap. She had been dreaming about bees again. In her dreams, there were so many bees, and in her mind, there weren't enough bees, she decided. The love that she had for her bees could be found throughout her very being. She had bees in her fingers, bees in her steps, bees in her heart, a buzz in her ears and bees up her nose. Bees crawled under her skin and swam through her blood, but she did not mind, for she had bees on her brain.
She could have bees on your brain too.

 When she first discovered her new friends, she was afraid. She thought herself alone in the world, with her "illness". She had heard of what had happened to others and thought the same would happen to herself. To her relief, she kept her sense of self. She did, however, become a host to many new friends, her children, and they were smarter than you think. Through the memories and dreams that she made every day, whose original space her children had messily devoured, she had learned to control her newfound power. What started with a simple thought, to spend an hour thinking of a flower, had ended with her being seen as The Queen of Queens.

 As the world awoke from its slumber, as she had awoken just now, they found her kind and put them into a bind. Back then, she cared not for them, her colleagues, her work, her friends, her family, or even herself. There was only one thing that she cared for in the entire world. It would perish, she knew. The reports of its future despair were all over the news. To stop the foretold events from happening, she had to act. The Queen of Queens sacrificed many things to keep her garden intact.

 O5-2 adjusted her disguise.

 "Spring is going to be beautiful this year."