Interview Transcript

Interviewed: SCP-4027-1 ("James Cochran")

Interviewer(s): Agents Smith and Lombardi

Foreword: The following is the interrogation of the first proactively identified SCP-4027 instance (shortly after its capture in Haddonfield, New Jersey), as well as the first time that direct communication with SCP-4027 was achieved. Surveillance footage is included to assist in the future identification of SCP-4027. The agents are separated from SCP-4027-1 by a glass pane and speak through a PA system. Two guards stand in proximity to SCP-4027-1 after restraining it to a chair.


SCP-4027-1: What am I doing here?

Agent Lombardi: Please state your name and birthdate for the record before we begin, please.

SCP-4027-1: James Cochran. June 2nd, 1989.

Agent Smith: James, tell us what you were doing prior to being here.

SCP-4027-1: I was at my house and you guys showed up. I was about to watch the game. And, um... next thing I know I'm here.

Agent Smith: Well unfortunately, we got some eyewitnesses that place you at a grave, the body of which has been found desecrated.

SCP-4027-1: I don't know anything about that, that's... really weird.

Agent Lombardi: Do you know how a body may have been taken from the ground...

SCP-4027-1: Nope.

Agent Lombardi: ... with no signs of digging?

SCP-4027-1: (Scoffs) No.

Agent Smith: Well it doesn’t make sense to us either, but we think we are onto a theory that involves your cooperation.

SCP-4027-1: I... don't know what to tell you- I don't know what you want me to say.

Agent Lombardi: Do you have any form of government-issued identification on you by chance? Is there anyone who can vouch for you? Family?

SCP-4027-1: Um, I... I have a social security card, it's at my house. I've got family, um, I have a sister who I haven't seen her in several years, she was deployed.

Agent Smith: Your sister... (flips paper) Janine?

SCP-4027-1: I mean who are you people, man? What authority do you have to just come into my fucking house and take me to this fucking place?

Agent Lombardi: That's fair James. We're doing this because we believe something is influencing your memories and actions, against your will...

SCP-4027-1: I'm sorry, what?

Agent Lombardi: ... and we hope to use an injection to find out a little more information.

SCP-4027-1: You're going to what?

Agent Smith: James, we believe we can help you, and you can help us. Is that fair?

SCP-4027-1: Look, I've done nothing wrong, I don't know what is going on here, and you better fucking untie me from this damn chair.

Agent Lombardi: I'm so sorry James, we just can't do that right now.

Agent Smith: Can we ask you to please relax your arm? We are only hoping for your cooperation. We apologize, James.

(SCP-4027-1 protests at the sight of a syringe in the hands of one of the guards. His restraints allow the guards to successfully administer the serum into the right antecubital vein. The serum takes effect quickly, and SCP-4027-1 can be seen becoming somnolent.

Analysis suggests that at this moment, the serum relaxed the psychological fronts constructed by SCP-4027 in SCP-4027-1, and that communication with SCP-4027 itself was hereafter achieved. The designation henceforth reflects this conclusion.)

SCP-4027: Ah. (Looks around) The Foundation. Now you see me. But I have seen you for quite some time. I've known about you and your... what do you call it... containment (chuckles) yes, for quite some time now. And, um, agent? Do you know about me? What is it that you think you know?

Agent Smith: We know something about what you are and what you do, but not much about how or why you do it.

SCP-4027: Well that's very cute. Oh... if you must know, and I would like you to because well, it's necessary, would be that uh, I need dead bodies to survive.

Agent Smith: And what do you do with them?

SCP-4027: Oh well they're my sustenance, agent. I use them to give me renewed life.

Agent Lombardi: How is it that you are so familiar with us?

SCP-4027: Because I've been around for quite some time, agent. Quite some time. So many years, and you have only now discovered me. So I think it is quite reasonable—don't you?—to why, let me go. Um, I am not harming anyone if you think about it.

Agent Smith: Even if that were true, we strongly feel that we have an obligation to prevent you from roaming freely.

Agent Lombardi: For the good of the community and for yourself, we're going to have to specialize some containment procedures and keep you here.

SCP-4027: Is that so? Because agent, if I do get out of here—and I assume you think I might —I'm going to come for your family. (To Agent Smith) And yours. Your family. There are a few who are not cremated, is that so? I think so. Actually… Agent Smith is it? Yes. I know your family. I see your family. Right now. Three generations, buried. Ah, what is it, um, First Methodist on Park? Yes. I see them. Oh they look tasty. I may not be able to sustain... may not be able to resist on the other hand, agent. I am going to give you one last chance to let me go, or I can guarantee you will regret this. I'll let you think it over, agent.

(SCP-4027 closes the eyes of SCP-4027-1 and seems to relax. Upon opening them again, SCP-4027-1's mannerisms and rapport returns. SCP-4027 is not able to be evoked again in the session.)


Closing Statements: 12 days after initial containment, known techniques were no longer able to elicit SCP-4027 from SCP-4027-1. This coincided with the indigenous vulture population's migration from the area.

Within that time, it was confirmed that Agent Smith had several family members buried at First Methodist Church on Park Avenue in Haddonfield, New Jersey, and MTF-Mu-15 ("Ecto Cooler") was deployed to investigate and safeguard the graveyard. It is unknown how SCP-4027 knew of the agent's surname and family history.

Once there, the MTF reported the sporadic encroachment of large numbers of vultures that perched on nearby structures and watched the team with minimal to no movement. No apparent disturbances had occurred to the grave plots; this was corroborated by the church staff, including the pastor who lives on the property with his family. Ground-penetrating sonography was utilized to non-invasively survey the contents of the plots, and revealed no unexpected findings.

Responding to sounds described as "hissing and scratching" emitting from the graveyard with no apparent source (day 11, 0414AM), the team again scanned the graveyard's plots, beginning with Agent Smith's three family members. The images suggested an increased concentration of erratically-shifting, solid mass within. Upon immediate disinterment, the coffins were found empty with markings consistent with those of talons and beaks upon all surfaces.