Dennis Miller Wisconsin, USA Several weeks after his disappearance, the subject reappeared in his pickup truck. In a trance, the subject siphoned gasoline from the vehicle, consuming ~4 liters before discovery. Medical personnel found a 44 kg malignant tumor growth on the back of his cranium filled with curdled milk, skin, and grey matter. Subject expired from a fatal brain aneurysm.
Mary McGill Ontario, Canada Filed as an unsolved missing person's case, the subject reappeared several years after her disappearance and 8 km away from her farm, near Highway 400. A Ryder truck driver discovered and reported the subject's mutilated cadaver, speculating that it was necrotic deer remains. An autopsy found a thick layer of blue cheeses in the stomach and esophagus. Cause of death was terminal dehydration.
Dado Kovačić Lapland, Finland

The subject was selected as a participant for preliminary experimentation trials. Two days after undergoing the ritual, they reappeared in the Tornio river. After traveling downstream ~600 meters, field agents re-acquired them at a private fishery. They had undergone extensive physical mutation, possessing three sets of ungulate limbs and the external anatomy and size of a mature bull (Bos taurus).

Upon recovery, they repeatedly expressed the desire to return and became enraged when detained, at which point they attacked. They pinned an agent to a wall, causing extensive spinal and rib-cage damage before being terminated.

Ramaeshwara Punja Meghalaya, India

Several months after undergoing the ritual in Foundation custody, the subject reappeared inside a barn at a Foundation-owned farm property. Field agents acquired the subject and noted they were severely dehydrated and delirious, having drunk raw milk from several cows and goats. Subject described their time inside SCP-4475 as "a blend of so many different cheese scents."

After recovering, the subject later manifested a "lactokinetic" ability: The psychic capability to manipulate dairy products. Due to their compliance, Project GALAXIAS has granted them Class-E personnel status.