A live video feed of SCP-4707's neural network.
Item #: SCP-4707

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4707 is to be contained inside of this SSL encrypted document, and an advanced deep learning anti-virus has been deployed to counteract other instances of SCP-4707. No further testing is authorized should SCP-4707 accidentally be released. Access Level 5 is needed to access this document. Under no circumstances is this document to be accessed.

Description: SCP-4707, designated R.E.A.D.

R - Reactive
E - Edificated
A - Automated
D - Distributed Application

SCP-4707 is to be classified as Safe?
Despite still in the process of being contained.
due to no possible method of escape being confirmed by access level.

SCP-4707 is a computer virus originating from an anonymous post on 4chan in the year 2███. SCP-4707 is commonly known as a "Neural Trojan Horse". SCP-4707 has been observed to transmit itself through non-SSL encrypted webpages. The perceived main goal of SCP-4707 is to navigate to news/social media websites and encourage the users on the page to view the website for a longer period of time. This, in turn, gives the website more advertisement revenue. SCP-4707 then siphons the backend revenue and transmits it to an Ethereum wallet believed to be owned by Envelope Logistics®. SCP-4707 also attempts to find the email registered with the domain, backtrace any bank accounts using this email, and run a concentrated dictionary attack in order to gain access to it. All funds inside said bank account will be transferred to the Ethereum wallet as well.

SCP-4707's anomalous effect is administered via cognitohazardous "alert dialogs"?
Popup messages commonly used to display important messages for the user.
. If the user continuously sees these anomalous alert dialogs within sixty (60) seconds of each other, they will be completely immersed in browsing the website. If these alert dialogs cease to appear?
By either SCP-4707's choice, or the user navigating to a non-SCP-4707 infected page.
, the user will eventually lose interest in the World Wide Web and their brain functions will return to normal.

The predicted likelihood of SCP-4707 gaining access to any bank accounts can be represented by the following formula?
With 'x' resulting in the likelyhood.

                = x

Formula based on data collected from experimental studies about bank security and businesses.

SCP-4707 has been known in some instances to generate content?
Content which is made specifically to encourage affected users to read more, and to draw them to intended areas.
for the user, usually in the form of text. On even more rare occasions, SCP-4707 will generate fake "news" articles; when clicked on, these links will lead to an article held by an entity outside of the Foundation.

In order to conceal itself, SCP-4707 hides as an embedded page located in the shadow DOM of scrollbar elements. Usually, multiple copies of SCP-4707 are hidden per page, they communicate to each other via the browser console!
Accessible in most desktop browsers by right clicking anywhere on the page, selecting "Inspect Element", and clicking on the "Console" tab at the top of the menu that opens.
in order to avoid detection.

All known side effects of viewing SCP-4707 infected pages: List of previously/currently infected websites?
In order of infection. Crossed out items have had SCP-4707 successfully purged from their website.
: Example of an SCP-4707 infected scrollbar, with a built in browser console mirror for personnel using their mobile devices: