This page definitely doesn't exist yet. I'm serious. It probably existed at some point, but has since been deleted.

Did you get feedback first? I didn't and now I'm getting downvoted :(

The SCP Wiki has many resources to help you get feedback, and articles that have been critiqued are far more likely to be successful, despite the fact that some threads go unnoticed and lack constructive criticism, only to die a lonely death in the darkness of the void. Still, it is the best interest of those of the Foundation and subsequent archivists that you post finiashed materiels[sic].

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Remember: The main site is for summary judgment of final work, not feedback and critique on unfinished work.

It is your responsibility to post only finished, final work (Stay strong and review your article carefully). Site members are not required to justify or explain their votes, okay?

If you understand all of the above and still wish to write this article, CLICK THIS BUTTON HERE, YO to do so.