Started by: Marcelles_Raynes
Date: 9 Apr 2020, 09:42
Number of posts: 7
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User is very disruptive and annoying. Also did a lackluster job of this parody. Staff be advised not to check the source code for this page or your eyes will sting.
Marcelles_RaynesMarcelles_Raynes 9 Apr 2020, 09:42

User SketchyTh0ughts (account age: ∞ years) has been infesting the Wiki and IRC for too long. They've also been posting a string of coldposts which have somehow survived (possible upvote brigading?).

Suggest keeping an eye on.

Marcelles_RaynesMarcelles_Raynes 9 Apr 2020, 09:47

Dude they just sent me over 20 PMs just to ask me to upvote their article. Can someone from Disc start a Disciplinary thread?

Dr GoldenDr Golden 9 Apr 2020, 09:50

Your request is denied. As a Site Administrator, I'm appalled to see someone abuse their power in such a way that a great and innocent user of our site is threatened. I don't want to see this attitude again.

winkwonkboiwinkwonkboi 9 Apr 2020, 09:52

sketchythoughts (more like susthoughts) was caught inappropriately tagging articles ('review', 'topratedthismonth', 'dontsteal', 'upvote' and mixing up the 'tale' and 'scp' tags). a cease-and-desist letter has been sent out but they just keep doing it. requesting disc to take action (please drgolden, i beg you)

Dr GoldenDr Golden 19 Apr 2020, 18:55

Stop asking me to take action against SketchyTh0ughts.

Record of Low Effort Posts
Marcelles_RaynesMarcelles_Raynes 12 Apr 2020, 10:36

Got a list of low effort posts made by this user, seeing as they haven't bothered to make an author page yet.

Chances are, these are going to fall to -10 soon anyways. Get ready to start deletion votes everyone.

SCP-6525 "Fuck Your Family"

(Very inappropriate title, but no disciplinary action taken because favouritism)

SCP-5429 "arm back you"

SCP-3931 "The End of Days"

Dr GoldenDr Golden 22 Apr 2020, 13:55

Yeah, here's their tales as well. The author is a bit sketchy at times, but they've made some good works and they're a decent user.

"squat research" A tale of bullying, a broken romance and a corrupt Ethics Committee.